Why we need to ‘KNOWMORE’

by Rosie Niblock 4 years ago
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Fashion has become as much a part of our lifestyle as the food we eat. Everyday we make choices about the food we consume, but why do we not go through the same conscious thought process for the clothes we wear?

In order to put into practice similar values and attitudes we need to promote the same standards of supply transparency in the fashion industry. This is why I have developed my brand, KNOWMORE. To say ‘No More’ to unethical trading; we need to be able to make informed decisions, by knowing as much about our clothing as we’d like to know about our food.

I created this animation to show how, as consumers, although we have become much more engaged with the reality behind the supply of our food, we haven’t necessarily applied the same humanitarian values to our clothing.

Rosie Niblock is a Fashion and Technology student at The Arts University Bournemouth

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