Who Made Your Kuyichi Jeans?

by Maartje Ketelaar 4 years ago
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Inspired by Fashion Revolution Day, KUYICHI visited their supplier Fashion Company Sahel (FCS) in Tunisia to meet some of the men and women who make KUYICHI apparel.

Kuyichi SS140721 logo


Samira (37), Moufide (33) and Souad (43) are humble, hardworking women who are loyal to their employer. Souad has been working at the factory for 22 years and Moufide started when she was just 16. Moufide says she feels that the working conditions have gotten better over the years. Souad adds: “The communication between the supervisors and workers has improved a lot. As a result, the quality of the clothes we make has improved too. This is important to us, I am proud when we finish a nice product together.”

Jamie Winter Blue Jeans in process

Jamie Winter Blue Jeans in process

As mothers of large families—Samira and Souad both have three children and Moufide is seven months pregnant with her third—the women love to spend their free time at home. Cooking, cleaning and generally caring for their husbands and children are their main occupations outside the factory. Their devotion to their families is boundless; when asked about their hopes and dreams, all three answer that they just wish their husbands and children to be happy and successful. They are equally unanimous about their favourite Tunisian dish: “Couscous!”.


In 2013 KUYICHI joined Fair Wear Foundation; an independent, non-profit organisation that works with companies and factories to improve labour conditions for garment workers. FCS has been audited by Fair Wear Foundation on behalf of KUYICHI in December 2013. Following-up on this, the auditors organised a Workplace Education Programme where workers, supervisors and managers learned how to apply sustainable labour practices. This was formalised in a testimonial, that pledges to offer Moufide, Samira, Souad and their colleagues a good place to work.


KUYICHI is dedicated to continue telling the personal stories and showing the faces of the individuals who make their clothes. Do you have questions for the people who make KUYICHI, in Tunisia, Turkey and Greece? Let us know in the comments.


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