Who Made Your Khama Bag?

by Elaine Burke 4 years ago
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Khama is an accessories brand with our own independent workshop in Malawi. We make and collaborate with designers to produce ranges of accessories.

Foot Powered Sewing machines

Our workshop in Kasungu, Malawi, gives our team of tailors a base to work from, as well as developing their own independent business. Our network also includes local tailors, fabric suppliers, crochet makers, knitters & woodcarvers.

Khama workshop

Here I can introduce you to our core team outside the workshop in Kasungu, Malawi (pictured). We offer training and support to the groups we work with and our products are made using foot powered non-electric sewing machines so when we have the usual power cuts production can continue.

Lizzy (pictured) is our most advanced tailor, and works on private commissions in our workshop as well as the Khama products for export.

Khama Design - Malawi Trip

Maggie (pictured) is our new supervisor and brilliant at working on new product development and design.


Agogo (pictured) is the oldest member of the group and is skilled at small handwork and makes beautiful fabric flowers, before she worked at Khama she was a Tobacco farmer, which was hard physical work away from her family and low irregular income.


We work with other groups in more remote villages with our associated charity Micro Enterprise Africa, these are groups of farmers that we accidentally discovered were highly skilled at crochet, something commonly taught in homes in Africa. These groups find it really hard to travel to the main town to work and access the market. We work with these groups alongside their farming schedule and provide a valuable supplementary income while waiting for harvest time.

Mercy Crochet

Mercy (pictured) is the chair lady of the group and she can also been seen in the fields working on her plantation of ground nuts for sale.

Anymore information can be found on our website and Khama products are available to buy online: www.khama.co.uk

Photography credit – Mark Cocksedge Photography

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