Who Made Your Crowdfunding T-Shirt?

by Carry Somers 4 years ago
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In case it has escaped your notice, Fashion Revolution has a crowdfunding campaign running on Indiegogo. Just two weeks to go!

One of the many magnificent perks we are offering, alongside vouchers from a whole host of ethical brands, is a T-Shirt Made in Bangladesh.

Oporajeo T-Shirt for Fashion Revolution Crowdfunding Indiegogo

More importantly, the T-Shirt is made by Oporajeo, a factory set up specifically to work with the survivors of the Rana Plaza disaster.

Oporajeo cutting pattern

The factory was founded on June 24, 2013 with 5 plain swing machines and 7 workers. Within eight months of operation the factory currently had 46 different types of machines with 50 workers.  If you buy one of our T-shirts through crowdfunding, this will help to secure current jobs and could help create new ones.

Sewing Fashion Revolution T Shirts at Oporajeo

Oporajeo is completely owned by the workers, providing job opportunities to some of those who lost their income when the Rana Plaza complex collapsed. They are paid wages and, on top of that, 50% of the profit is equally distributed among them. From the balance of profits, a percentage goes to supporting the education of the workers’ children  and the remainder is kept in bank for different operational costs. From this amount, workers can take a short loan if required. The factory also provides medical and physiotherapy support to the workers.

Please support Oporajeo and please support our Crowdfunding campaign!

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