Who Made Your Clothes? White Stuff

by Dolly 4 years ago
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Is it possible to only buy fair-trade clothes for a year and get everything you need without spending a fortune?

Dolly’s giving it a go. Follow her progress on lovefromdollydoesfairtrade.wordpress.com/

Here’s her latest blog post, asking ‘Who Made Your Clothes’ to fashion brand White Stuff.



Continuing with the #whomadeyourclothes theme, as we are nearly at Fashion Revolution day (April 24th) here’s another reach out to a non-fair-trade brand to see if they can go onto my ‘approved’ list.

White Stuff just opened up a shop in town – they serve tea and cake to people who are waiting for their friends/partners to shop and I could probably buy everything in there (if they were ethical and I had much more money than I do). So I’m quite excited to see if there is a physical shop I can go in and buy clothes from in my home town, as so far I’ve had to mainly go online.

So here’s the copy of my email to them. I will update when I hear back.

Love from Dolly x


“Hi Jessica,

In August I started a challenge to only purchase fair-trade clothing for 12 months and have been writing a blog on how I’m getting on at http://lovefromdollydoesfairtrade.wordpress.com. Through this, I’ve started to look at which companies are not fair-trade association certified, but which have sound ethical policies. I’m also supporting the Fashion Revolution Day (using the #insideout on twitter) by contacting some suppliers of the clothes in my wardrobe to ask; who made my clothes?

A new White Stuff shop just opened up in my town (Kendal, Cumbria) and so I wanted to know a bit more about your manufacturing ethics. I read on your website that White Stuff participates in the Ethical Trading Initiative, but can you tell me a bit more about who makes White Stuff clothes and what their pay and working conditions are?”


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