Who Made Your Clothes: Wendy Gilley

by The Good Wardrobe 4 years ago
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At the Sew It Forward event in December, The Good Wardrobe teamed up with writer, coach and Fashion Revolution board member John-Paul Flintoff to film ‘Who Made Your Clothes’ interviews with some of our attendees. The first interviewee, Wendy Gilley has already volunteered to share her sewing skills at a few of our events, and was happy to share the story of her clothes with John-Paul.

In support of Fashion Revolution Day, The Good Wardrobe will be posting more of the interviews on the site in the run up to the 24th April. Please do leave comments below, as we would love to hear what you think about the interviews, and don’t forget to tell us who made your clothes too.

In fact, you can help spread awareness of Fashion Revolution now by wearing an item of clothing inside out, photographing it and then sharing it, along with its story and the hashtag #insideout on Twitter.

Thank you Wendy for sharing the story of who made your clothes!

Filming: Tim Ridley

Reposted with permission from TheGoodWardrobe.com

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