Who Made My T-Shirt in the Who Made My Clothes Video?

by Sienna Somers 3 years ago
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I’m Sienna Somers and I write a blog called  The Savvy Student. This week I made a video about How to Join the Fashion Revolution.

To demonstrate how to take a selfie showing your label, I wore my favourite T-Shirt sith the slogan WE ARE THE SEA.

Sienna Somers Savvy Studen

And then I started wondering:

Who made the T-Shirt I was wearing in the video? Where was the cotton grown? Where was it printed?


So, I decided to contact the brand, We are Islanders, and ask them #WhoMadeMyClothes?  This is the fantastic reply which I have just received from Erin at We Are Islanders:

“Hi Sienna, thanks for asking! Your We Are The Sea t-shirt is from Continental Clothing’s Earth Positive Apparel collection, meaning it is 100% organic with 90% reduced CO2. The production of this t-shirt has been audited by the Fair Wear Foundation before being hand-printed by the We Are Islanders team in a Dublin print collective.”

We Are Islanders 2
We Are Islanders also sent me some photos of them screenprinting T-Shirts like the one I wore, so now I really do know Who Made My T-shirt!


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