Who Made My Boden Shirt?

by John-Paul Flintoff 4 years ago
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JP Flintoff has made this video: Who Made My Boden Shirt?


We want to start to build momentum around Fashion Revolution Day and so it would be fantastic if you could make a similar video about one of your favourite items of clothing.  This is a way of starting to find out more about the connection between what we are wearing and who made it, as well as a reflection of the openness of brands to share information about who made your clothes.

Please can you:

  1. Choose a favourite item of clothing
  2. Write a letter/email, facebook or tweet the brand concerned, saying that you would like to know where the item of clothing was made
  3. Post a video of yourself wearing the item of clothing online and telling us who why you particularly like that item and who you have contacted.
  4. Link the video to our Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/fashionrevolution.org/ and Tweet us@Fash_Rev about what you have done, or send us a link to the video via the contact page on our website.
  5. Let us know if the brand replies and what they say, maybe by posting a follow up video or contacting us through Facebook,Twitter or our website.

Will Boden reply to JP?


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