UCA Epsom MA Fashion & Business – Fashion Revolution Day projects

by Nehan Ciftci 4 years ago
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Students from UCA Epsom MA Fashion & Business cluster embarked on a project with a Fashion Revolution Day theme. From infographics and interviews, to posters and pop-up books, they each tackled Fashion Revolution day in a different way.

UCA Epsom MA Fashion & Business cluster is a mixture of three different MA courses: MA Fashion Promotion & Imaging, MA Fashion Lifestyle & Journalism and MA Fashion Management & Marketing. The students who worked in the Fashion Revolution Day Project were divided into four different groups with a mixture of students from 3 different MA fashion courses.

Some of the project outcomes are not represented in the blogs as they were involved physical made pop-up books, fanzines and pitch books.


‘Shop Less, Think More!’ by Team Black & White

Team Black & White

Created 3 poster campaigns to raise awareness of the issue of ‘Who is making your clothes?’ and promote the Fashion Revolution Day.

Campaign 1: Shop Less Think More
Campaign 2: Do You Wear Your Heart on Your Sleeves?
Campaign 3: Who Made Your Clothes?



Behind the scenes – Team Inside Out

Team Inside Out

Conducted series of street interviews in Oxford Street, London about sustainable and ethical fashion by talking to head of PR of a lingerie brand to fashion design student.




















Team Totoro

Worked on creating info graphics to depict the market research about ‘Who made your Clothes’ and also wrote about a series of people stories whom involved in the labor of creating garments.


Team Purple

Their blog represent the collection of article entries and reflection on documentaries.


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