Transparency Portraits – Transparency Brings Change in Fashion’s Production.

by Fiori Zafeiropoulou 2 years ago
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Transparency Portraits

A public awareness campaign organized by Fashion Revolution Greece in partnership with photographer Petros Sofikitis.

Transparency brings change in Fashion’s production

Transparency Portraits  campaign displays images which focus on how transparency in water relates to transparency in fashion production. We invited women and men from various fields to volunteer, entering the “Water test” in order to capture their instinctive reaction when a balloon filled with clear water was poured upon their heads and bodies. The sudden pour of clear water on the volunteers served as a great metaphor of how transparency is perceived as a new paradigm in fashion today.

Volunteers expressed themselves while taking part in the campaign choosing a color of preference, fashioning their body, volunteers from different gender, perception, style and aesthetics, created their own portrait. They engaged with the concept by allowing themselves to be part of the experience of the shoot. Images where taken in three stages first when holding the balloon, then braking it and last when it broke in different shapes ans sizes.

Transparency in fashion is as important as clean water for us. Lack of transparency can  cost lives. It’s impossible for companies to make sure human rights are respected and that environmental practices are sound without knowing where their products are made. That’s why transparency is essential. Transparency means companies know who makes their clothes – at least where they are stitched as a first step – and communicate this to their customers, shareholders and staff. This is what Fashion Revolution is asking for : knowledge, information, honesty.

Ask for Transparency in Fashion Production

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Curated by Marina Nicoletopoulou 

We are very grateful to all the volunteers, partners and supporters who took part in this project.








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