Top tips for organising a Fashion Revolution event at your school or university

by Nikki Mattei 2 years ago
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It’s less than a couple of months till Fashion Revolution Week from 18-24 April and I wanted to give you some tips for organising your event.

It’s now Fashion Revolution Week from 18-24 April

You will have noticed that we are no longer just Fashion Revolution Day on 24 April – we have extended it to a whole week – so now you don’t need to worry that 24 April is on a Sunday and you have more flexibility about the day you choose.

University Student Ambassadors

For Fashion Revolution this year we have set up a network of Student Ambassadors in universities across the world.  If you want to find out if there is one in your university, please contact us using our contact form. If you would be interested in applying yourself, you can find out more by signing up for our Educational Resources


Find and meet with your team

If you are organising an event during Fashion Revolution Week, the first thing to do is find your team. If you are at school or university, you could also talk to your tutor and see if there are ways you can reach out to students on other courses to get a good mix of interests.

Whenever you find a new member of your team, direct them to our booklet “How To Be A Fashion Revolutionary” which will give them the objectives behind the Fashion Revolution campaign.

Then meet with your team and discuss the reasons why you are all involved in Fashion Revolution. If you have a copy of The True Cost film, watch that together.  If you don’t have a copy, you can order one here. Do allow time for your copy to arrive or download it – the film is also available on Netflix, iTunes, Amazon and VHX. If you want to arrange a public screening event for Fashion Revolution you will need to arrange this direct with The True Cost and they will charge you for this.  Tell them that you are doing it for Fashion Revolution. You can read more about holding a screening here

Choose your type of event

The next thing is to decide what Fashion Revolution event you want to do. Make sure that everyone has read through our booklet “How To Be A Fashion Revolutionary” which gives you lots of ideas for the type of event you could choose. Download the book here if you haven’t already. Make sure all your team members have read it. You should also find inspiration on our Do Something Pinterest board which shows what events were organised last year.

Allocate roles to your team members

Agree the different roles for your team. Of course, you will need people to do certain jobs on the day but you will also need someone to handle the marketing of your event and PR to your local press. You could try finding students on relevant courses to join your team and bring those skills if you don’t have anyone in the team.

Brand your event

You can give your event a name but make sure that you use the Fashion Revolution Brand Assets for anything you do. There are lots of things to choose from. Take a look here.  ​

Choose a venue

Once you have decided on your event, you will need to think about a venue. This could be at your university or school if you get the right permissions. You might be linking up with a local organisation and using their location. You will always need to check that there is the correct public liability insurance in place for whichever venue you choose. If you are staging your event there, the venue owner may need to inform their insurance company.

Promote your event

Make sure you get the word out about your event about 3 weeks before and several times leading up to it. Post on social media using the Fashion Revolution Brand Assets mentioned above and #whomademyclothes.

Invite your local press to your event. If you are at university, tell the university press office about your event and ask them for help promoting it.

You might find it useful to put together a timeline leading up to Fashion Revolution to help you plan the promotion you will do throughout the week on each day, particularly as Fashion Revolution is now a whole week.


On the day

Make sure that you check that everyone knows their role on the day and that you have a check list for all the things you need to have for your event.

Make sure you get everyone sharing on social media with the hashtag #whomademyclothes.

Encourage everyone to start following Fashion Revolution on social media so that they keep in touch with the ongoing campaign.

Ask us for help!

If you need help of any kind, please contact us in your country using our contact form.


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