The People’s Photoshoot – Who Made My Clothes?

by Nikki Mattei 3 years ago
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I have been involved in the education side of Fashion Revolution since last November.  I have been working with the Education Lead, Ian Cook, putting together this year’s education packs and trying to get more educators and students involved.  It’s been great fun!

My elder daughter, Chloe Mattei, is in her first year at LCC doing Live Events and TV  and having listened to me going on about Fashion Revolution Day, she decided that she would like to stage her own event.  So we put our heads together.  I was keen that we do something which would really focus on the question “who made my clothes?” and make sure that the brand understood that we were asking about the actual people involved in different countries.  So we came up with a concept of looking for garments from a number of low, mid and top end brands and checking out where they were made.

Chloe ended up having to go into the shops for most of them to look at the label on the garment itself as the majority of fashion websites do not show where the garment has been made.  At The Kooples Chloe couldn’t even find a “made-in” label and was told my one of the assistants “they have not decided but they are made in Europe”.

The brands she has chosen with the help of my younger daughter, Anna, who is a fashion blogger and will be starting a Fashion Marketing Degree at LCF in September, are: Boden, Burberry, Calvin Klein, Diesel, H&M, Hobbs, Hugo Boss, Kate Spade, Ralph Lauren, Reiss, River Island, Sandro, Ted Baker, Topshop, Valentino and Zara.

Chloe has made giant-size square postcards showing the different garments and where they were made, asking the brand the specific question “who made my clothes” in the relevant country.


Who Made My Clothes - The People's Photoshoot


People at the event, which will take place on FRD, 24th April at the Church of the Annunciation at Marble Arch, alongside Designer Jumble, will be able to pick their favourite brand, hold with the postcard in front of them, strike a pose in front of a “Who Made My Clothes” backdrop, take a selfie and send it to the relevant brand on social media.  We will supply all the relevant Twitter, Instagram and Facebook addresses for the brands.


The People's Photoshoot

After The People’s Photoshoot, some of Chloe’s postcards will be displayed alongside Marianne Hughes’ Label Installation at The Cube in Shoreditch from 6.00 pm.


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