Tap for Trainers

by Kyle Webster 4 years ago
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What ties together Sky Rainforest Rescue, Lily Cole, VEJA trainers and the Amazonian Rainforest?

A product truth. The sustainable rubber that goes into the soles of each pair of VEJAs. It’s produced by rubber tapping.


A tap…One simple action…One small step…One big change.

And living proof why the Amazon is worth more alive than dead.

But how can we bring this insight to life?

Tap for trainers is an Instagram installation with one single rainforest image cut into a grid and flowing over 60 tiles to allow a continuous scroll on the Instagram feed. It allows you to see the whole canopy from top to bottom. Users can tap each tile to enter for a chance to win trainers and will discover rich sharable content behind the grid telling the stories of the Amazon, Veja, Lily Cole and eco-fashion.

Tap for Trainers

The tree itself will be created by a fantastic illustrator and content behind the tiles co-created with influencers such as fashion bloggers.


Through this mechanic, it empowers the audience with one tap, entertains and educates through highly sharable content; and uses Instagram in an innovative way.

Visit http://instagram.com/skyrainforestrescue  #tapfortrainers



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