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You can use the Fashion Revolution brand assets to create your own material to support our campaign . Always read the Brand Guidelines to make sure our message and visuals are consistent and clear. Have fun!


Fashion Revolution Brand Guidelines 2016
Everything you need to know about using our brand.

Fashion Revolution logo
Available in EPS and JPG format

available as .EPS and .PNG
2016 Posters – photography
These posters can be used to promote Fashion Revolution Day
Download screen resolution
Download high resolution
Photography credit information here
Who made my clothes?
You can use these posters with your selfie
Who made my clothes? (for asking brands)
I made your clothes (for producers)
I made your accessories (for producers)
I made my clothes (for makers)
Also available in Spanish
Quien hizo mi ropa?
Yo hice tu ropa
You can also download these as .PNG (MS Office) and .EPS (design software) here and is also available in Spanish

Download a spreadsheet with the Twitter, Facebook and Instagram names of all the major brands  FRD Brand Twitter,FB and Inst info

Social Media assets
Everything you need to activate Fashion Revolution Day on social media.
Download Facebook/Twitter profile and cover pictures
Share our fashion facts & quotes
Educational resources
Register here to download free educational resources for all ages.

Please note that only authorised Country Co-ordinators can set up a Fashion Revolution Day Facebook or Twitter account.