Meet your maker – Arthur & Henry Tailors, Bangalore

by Clare Lissaman 4 years ago
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Arthur & Henry tailors got excited by Fashion Revolution Day, this is what they did…


Shankar, tailor extraordinaire


Manju, tailor and massive cricket fan

Do you like the “I made your shirt” sign?  They wanted to design and print a sign themselves.  The balloons are a sign of celebration.

Then the Thangaraj, Prabhu and Sathish, pattern cutters, said they were as much part of making our shirts as the tailors and they too wanted to be in a picture.


L-R: Thangaraj, Senior Pattern cutter, Ganesh, Sewing Supervisor, Shankar, Tailor, Prabhu, Cutter, Sathish, Pattern cutter

Fashion Revolution Day is about rebuilding connections between us and those who make the clothes we wear.  The Arthur & Henry tailors are excited by this.  As Krishna says:

‘Normally we are faceless. We are just numbers in the big brands’ audit reports and company presentations.  Nobody likes to know who we are and what we are doing.”

Sampling supervisor

At Arthur & Henry we’re proud to know Krishna and his colleagues.  We think everyone, customers and businesses would benefit if they talked more to those who make their clothes.

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