Made in Brazil

by Fernanda Simon 4 years ago
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Brazil: home of the 2014 World Cup and birthplace of some great sustainable fashion brands!


Created by François-Ghislain Morillion and Sébastien Kopp, childhood friends, who after traveling the world for a year studying sustainability projects undertaken by large enterprises, got disappointed with what they saw. Delighted with the idea of preserving the Amazon forest, they decided to create a different brand of shoes which seeks to respect both humans and nature.


Collection with the collaboration of model Lily Cole

Designed in France and made in Brazil, sneakers from Veja are made with organic cotton and natural rubber from the Amazon. A fairer price paid for latex guarantees a better income for the rubber tappers and might be perceived as an incentive to prevent deforestation. The survival of the Amazon Rainforest is dependent upon more sustainable management of its resources and latex extracted from rubber trees is one of them.

Flávia Aranha

Timeless modeling, organic cotton and natural dyes (such as leaves, bark and herbs) are present in her collections, complemented by a line of accessories in tilapia leather and blown glass. Flávia develops her collections with the same subtlety with which she exchanges experiences with the communities she visits, to compose her references, inspirations and partnerships.

Flavia Aranha

Crochet pullover hand made by Mila

From these communities who produce various types of raw material that she uses in her pieces, she wants to rescue handmade work that is lost in time and in people’s lives through reinvention, seeking a new valuation of Brazilianness. Contrary to other young designers concerned with trends, Flavia stands out for providing customers with products that fall within her lifestyle. The designer’s aesthetic options, such as natural dyes, go through the whole process of production, through the development of the pieces (clothing, jewellery and design) and continue to the mounting of her store in São Paulo, where each object is thought out in the experience that will be provided to the public.

Here is Flavia’s video made exclusively for Fashion Revolution Day.


Vuelo’s creative source comes from raw materials loaded with history. They gather, reuse and rethink what is discarded: “We want to give a new utility for what is left”.

Vuello bag

Weekend Bag made of discarded tire and its lining made out of umbrellas nylon

Their bags and other accessories are made with tire chamber and the linings are beautifully made out of nylon from discarded umbrellas. Their production system is entirely hand-made where care and attention is given in each detail, generating a unique final product with its own history.

Vuelo ask that at the end of the useful life, the products are returned to them, so they can provide an appropriate final destination.

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