Global Coordination Team

Fashion Revolution is based in the UK and is a not for profit Community Interest Company no: 8988812. The ‘community’ of Fashion Revolution CIC is: Everyone involved in the fashion supply chain, including but not limited to farmers, producers, buyers, designers, retailers and consumers.

The Global Coordination Team (GCT) is comprised of the founders of Fashion Revolution, as well as key individuals leading on areas such as policy, communications and branding, education, brand and organisation liaison, governance and liaison with the Country Coordinators worldwide. The Global Coordination Team works closely with the Global Advisory Committee to plan and implement the Fashion Revolution campaign each year.

The GCT is based in the UK, a nine person nexus at the very heart of Fashion Revolution. This is the democratic, diverse and unique team that comprises the directors and the full voting members within the CIC (Community Interest Company) and who are responsible for organizing and managing the primary groups that create, direct and oversee Fashion Revolution Globally. The groups are: Communications, Policy and Strategy, Brands and Partnerships, Governance Operations, Fundraising, PR, and Events.

The GCT has the ultimate control of the CIC through their voting membership. They hold responsibility for major policy and other decisions. They can appoint and dismiss the directors, delegate powers to the directors, approve major transactions and change the constitution of the company. The GCT are working year round and also monitor the performance of the CIC and the directors in order to satisfy themselves that the company continues to meet the community interest test and fully involves the community in its activities and development.  The GCT is also responsible for the governance of Country Coordinators and their Regional Coordinators.

For further details about roles and responsibilities of members and directors or the Articles of Association please contact our governance team via the contact page, selecting UK in the dropdown menu.