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The importance of young people

The clothing industry touches everybody’s lives and is a truly global industry with massive social and environmental impact. Fashion Revolution calls on all of us to be curious about our clothes, the people who made them and the brands and retailers who can make things better.

Young people are an important market for the clothing industry, as active consumers today and consumers and employees of the future. Many of us have lost the connection between the clothes we wear and the people who make them. Brands and retailers should be telling us more about the people in their supply chains. Read more here

Fashion Revolution offers educators a great opportunity to explore with their students the many issues within the industry: such as globalisation, workers’ rights, supply chain transparency, material sourcing, global citizenship, sustainable development and ethical business practices.

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Read more here and if you are in the UK email telling us the name of your university, your course and why you want to be part of Fashion Revolution.  If you are not in the UK, please contact the Country Coordinator in your country by using our contact form.

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