#FashRev 2016: Kelly Dawn Riot, Nudie Jeans & VIVOBAREFOOT

by Alice Wilby 2 years ago
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There were fourteen fantastic brands that graced the 2016 campaign. Alice Wilby, Stylist and Co-Founder of Novel Beings interviewed each one about being part of the Fashion Revolution.

Read on to hear from Kelly Dawn Riot, Nudie Jeans & VIVOBAREFOOT…

Kelly Dawn Riot 1



Bold, luscious and unconventional, menswear designer Kelly Dawn Riot’s lovingly crafted, eco friendly printed illustrations use remnants from Scottish mills as their canvas to create wearable art.

Why do we need a Fashion Revolution?

With disasters like Rana Plaza and the disappearance of Aral Sea basin it’s important we identify a need for change and call for transparency within the fashion industry. It’s time we change our whole fashion philosophy and incorporate a more ethical and sustainable one into both our creations and consumptions.

Who made your clothes? 

I work with a small team to produce my collections. I use my local fabric printer The Centre For Advanced Textiles and I work with a fabulous garment technologist Linda Wilson to produce my final pieces. It’s a fantastic way to work as being close to the people you work with ensures your garments get the utmost attention and I believe speaks in the final pieces.

Kelly Dawn Riot

What inspired you to be a sustainable brand?

I’ve always been quite conscious of my impact on the environment being a nature lover, however meeting Orsola De Castro and learning about how much damage the fashion industry has had on our environment alongside visiting a clothes recycling plant and seeing how much waste we as consumers produce moved me so much so that I thought I had to do my best to lessen the impact. I don’t think my conscience would’ve let me ignore this evidence starring me in the face.




Founded in 2001, Nudie Jeans actively encourage their customers to prolong the life of their product. ‘Throwaway’ is a dirty word at Nudie, who offer free in-house repairs to customers. And when you finally decide to ‘break up’ with your denim, they will offer you 20% off your new pair when you drop the old ones off in-store!


Why do we need a Fashion Revolution?

As a fashion brand we take responsibility for our garments and ensure that the environment and people are treated in a fair way when producing Nudie Jeans. We feel this is something that we should be conscious of as a clothing brand. This is our part that hopefully helps towards a Fashion Revolution.

Who made your clothes?

We make our clothes and work closely with all of our factories to ensure that we are meeting the Fair Wear Foundations standards in-order to be a transparent brand. Our transparency can be seen through our online Production Guide.


What inspired you to be a sustainable brand?

When Founder and Creative Director Maria Erixon started Nudie Jeans in Göteborg during 2001 her main goals were to have an independent brand, that creates good quality clothing and to be transparent with 100% organic denim. All her and the fellow founders goals have been achieved and I’m sure there is more to come. Being sustainable is something we feel is a given when creating clothes.



VIVOBAREFOOT (England and Portugal)


Born out of a series of sporting injuries and inspired by the barefoot running scene, Vivobarefoot have gained a devout international following with fans ‘writing in to say they would never wear normal shoes again’. Developed by 6th generation shoemaker and member of the Clarkes shoemaking family, Galahad Clark, Vivo now boasts a kids and a lifestyle range alongside their original running shoe.

Why do we need a Fashion Revolution?

It’s all about driving demand for things that are made in the right way and shining a spotlight on organisations who strive to produce things ethically. Wearing clothes is an important part of one’s existence and fashion is an important cultural tool that allows us to express ourselves. A Fashion Revolution is an essential movement to ensure responsible producers are rewarded and substandard manufacturers are held accountable; ethical practice must prevail and questionable processes should be reviewed.


Who made your clothes?

VIVOBAREFOOT shoes are made in Ethiopia, Portugal and China. The good thing about making unconventional shoes is that most people don’t know how to make them. It gives us the unique opportunity to work directly with our partners. We are present throughout production so we ensure the quality – both the working conditions and the finished product – is high. We also supply the materials direct to the production teams and it means we can source materials like our special Wild Hide – leather from wild Ethiopian cattle – or our Eco Canvas which is made from recycle bottles.

What inspired you to be a sustainable brand?

Knowing where the garment you buy comes from, who made them and how they were made is just as important as the finished product that sits on your skin. Also from a functional perspective wearing the right garments with enable you to thrive and at worst might save your life. From an aesthetic point of view they will most certainly help you feel great, make a statement or even find love – if you’re lucky! These two aspects are truly only achieved if you can honestly say the shoes were made with love and care and in the right way.





Download the 2016 campaign posters here

Video of Dennis filmed and produced by Rachel Jones, Futerra

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