Help us launch our new theme:
Money Fashion Power

In September we are launching our new theme for 2017, Money Fashion Power. Join us in exploring the flows of money and the structures of power across fashion’s supply chains.

Fashion Revolution launched in mid-2013 in response to the Rana Plaza garment factory collapse killing 1,133 people. We are calling for a more transparent, safer, cleaner and fairer fashion industry. In just three years, we have grown the movement to span 92 countries and to reach millions of people. We have done this through a network of extraordinary volunteers and support from curious and passionate folks like you. But not enough has changed since Rana Plaza.

In order to keep growing the Fashion Revolution and to keep on pushing for positive change, we need you to join us by making a financial donation.

You will be part of making several exciting and transformative projects come to life, including:

1. The Financial Diaries: Getting to know the lives of garment workers

We will be documenting the daily lives of 540 garment workers in Bangladesh, Cambodia and India. With your donations we will be able to share their stories through imagery, words, video and sound.

2. The Fashion Transparency Index: What do we know about our favourite brands?

Together we will find out what companies are doing to improve social and environmental standards across their supply chains and how much of that information they share with the public. Our first edition in 2016 scored 40 companies. In 2017, with your donations, we will expand the list of big global fashion brands we score to 100.

3. Creating more useful, beautiful and interactive resources

Your donations will help us create more:
* practical guides chock full of tips, advice and ideas for being a sustainable fashion lover
* informative reports
* juicy stats and facts you can share with your friends and family
creative imagery, videos and shareable content

4. Empowering our Country Coordinators around the world

The Fashion Revolution is powered by a network of passionate volunteers in 92 countries. As we grow, our country teams will need your support to become legal entities in each nation. Your donations will help our Country Coordinators to power the Fashion Revolution in their local area.

5. To do more advocacy and work with more policymakers

In order to protect human rights and the environment when it comes to our clothes, we need governments’ support. We have hosted events in the UK Houses of Parliament and held meetings with representatives of the United Nations and several national governments. With your donations we can speak even louder!

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