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by Fashion Revolution 4 years ago
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So, you’ve started being curious, thinking about who made your clothes. But now you want to do something to not only ensure that people don’t die making our clothes but that they can, in fact, live decent, happy lives. Great! Here are some ideas of what you can do:

These ideas are particularly for those of you in UK – do contact your country co-ordinator if you are elsewhere.

1. Tweet, email or write to the brands whose clothes you wear asking them #whomadeyourclothes. By simply letting them know that you care about this you’re making sure they know to pull their (oh so fashionable) socks up.

2. Seek out brands and retailers who share your values. Although the Ethical Fashion Forum  is primarily a business-to-business network, it still has a wealth of information on brands who are established with ethics at their heart, and ones who are trying to get better. Ethical Consumer is another place to look – they  have guides to help you.

3. If you work in the fashion industry then the Ethical Fashion Forum’s SOURCE platform has a wealth of resources to help you source more sustainably. The multi-stakeholder Ethical Trading Initiative exists to improve working conditions in global supply chains – sign up to join together with other companies, NGOs and trade unions to make things better.

4. And everyone can join in with existing activities and campaigns, for example….

…help Labour behind the Label get brands to PayUp to the Rana Plaza Donors Trust Fund…take Action against Sweatshops with War on Want

Detox fashion with Greenpeace

…support Oxfam in asking your MP what they are doing to address poverty – one reason why people will take any job, even one that doesn’t provide decent work conditions

…turn your town / workplace / university / place of worship Fairtrade

….sign Labour behind the Label’s petition for garment workers to earn enough to live with dignity


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