Fashion Revolution Launches Crowdfunding!

by Carry Somers 4 years ago
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Fashion Revolution Launches Crowdfunding to Transform the Fashion Industry for Good

Fashion Revolution is aiming to raise £75,000 to make Fashion Revolution Day 2015 bigger, better and wider reaching in its second year.

Fashion Revolution’s mission is to create better connections and transparency across the entire fashion supply chain so tragic accidents like the Rana Plaza factory collapse, which killed 1133 people and injured over 2500, never happen again. Fashion Revolution is about building a better future for the millions of people employed in the fashion industry but social and environmental catastrophes won’t stop unless we act fast.

Fashion Revolution France

The inaugural Fashion Revolution Day took place on 24th April 2014, on the first anniversary of the Rana Plaza disaster, and ran in 58 countries, trending worldwide on Twitter with #insideout and achieving 6.6 million clicks on Google. This hugely successful day was brought about through individual passion and commitment, and by begging, borrowing and calling on personal networks and contacts. This is why funds are urgently needed to ensure the longevity of the campaign.

German Streetwear brand Ragwear showed us Who Made Your Clothes!

Knowing who made our clothes is the first step in transforming the fashion industry. Fashion Revolution is calling for transparency, honesty, communication and accountability across the supply chain. We want to re-connect broken links and celebrate the relationship between shoppers and the people who make our clothes, shoes, accessories and jewellery – all the things we call fashion.

Each pledge will help contribute towards:

– 2 full time staff members (and interns) to devise and grow the 2015 campaign

– Resources for our website, including regularly updated news and contents; videos and blog posts for our “meet the makers” section; branding for the 2015 campaign theme; tools to facilitate communication throughout the entire supply chain

– Creating new visuals, such as films and photographs illustrating best practice by brands that are pushing the boundaries, all over the world, to showcase their work and increase their reach

– Educational outreach projects to involve and visit more schools and colleges, to teach and communicate our message.

– Providing free education and online resources for the Fashion Revolution global community (62 countries and growing)

– A media toolkit including photographic resources

– Ensuring our presence in all the international Fashion Weeks

Every person who decides to back Fashion Revolution will receive a perk ranging from a £5 Love Note to a fantastic choice of Fairtrade and ethical clothing. For £3,500, you will have the chance to travel to India to visit the Fairtrade cotton farmers who work with Pants to Poverty – one of Fashion Revolution’s supporters.

FRD Uruguay - Damen

Orsola De Castro, Fashion Revolution Day Co-Founder said: “This is the first time in history that everyone who wants to see a more sustainable future for fashion has come together, and the Fashion Revolution movement now needs to grow.

“We couldn’t have done Fashion Revolution Day 2014 without you. Our mission now is to extend it beyond one day to bring about the lasting change that’s so desperately needed. Fashion Revolution is no flash in the pan and we want to continue to harness your passion and people power to fund our progress for 2015. Your donations, no matter how large or small, are our independence and the only way that we can operate freely, to say and do what we want. With your support, we can transform the fashion industry for good.”

To donate, please visit:

Fashion Revolution Day Sri Lanka


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