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Welcome to Fashion Revolution Day Trinidad and Tobago.

Trinidad and Tobago has an history of effective recycling, being the inventor of our national instrument, ‘The Steelpan (drum)’, the only original non-electronic musical instrument invented in the twentieth century from waste oil drums.

We welcome and look forward to Fashion Revolution Day held annually in over 85 countries on the 24th April.   This is an international day which provides our local community and the world a greater opportunity for the following:

  • To pay homage to the lives that have been lost though unethical practices.
  • To acknowledge those who have kept the industry running for centuries, the farmers, the designers, the manufactures, the retailers to consumers.
  • To strengthen the evolution and revolution of the Fashion Industry by concretizing transparency, supporting the creativity of artisans and supporting those manufacturers who have kept ethical practices as their central policy.
  • To harmonise production with the preservation of nature and life.
  • To strengthen the power of global communication as a catalyst for positive change.

The world has begun to love once again and no longer separates the comradeship of one’s own local community from the global community. We invite you to join us in uniting with the world on Fashion Revolution Day – 24th April when a series of international events takes place

Trinidad and Tobago is proud to be one of the countries participating in Fashion Revolution Day.


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