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Sri Lanka has a long history that supports sustainable fashion. With its award-winning fashion manufacturing industry, that pioneered green factories and campaigned under ‘Garments without guilt’ free of child labour and adverse working conditions, Sri Lanka is now poised to become part of the Fashion Revolution Day with its newest fashion industry sector; this is design. Academy of Design (AOD), the design educator that has provided a generation of international standard fashion design graduates for Sri Lanka, is the country coordinator for FRD. AOD, together with its student body and leading alumni involved in sustainable fashion, hope to create awareness among youth for FRD through a lively and educational project inspired by the FRD theme ‘who made my clothes?’.

Leading up to 24th of April, students will be asked to turn their favourite (or a selected) outfits inside out, check the labels, and research the garments’ origins, discover an ethically made garment, and wear it to campus on the day. In addition, AOD is also hosting a ‘Revolution Pile’ where discarded clothes will be contributed by students and supporters; these clothes will be reincarnated into new clothing and accessories at a workshop hosted at AOD by the ethical fashion brand ‘House of Lonali’. On 24th of April, AOD fashion studio will have a photo-backdrop made of recycled material and students wearing ethically made garments will be photographed and posted on our page tagged #whomademyclothes.


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