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Fashion Revolution Romania is coordinated by Alina Rachieru, Owner of Romanian brand Pineberry – smart shirts (www.pineberry.ro) . We want to commemorate Fashion Revolution Day of 24th of April all over Romania and make people understand how important is for the fashion future to create a sustainable environment and become more responsible with the labor force.

Romania has a history in manufacturing for over 50 years, being known as a great hub in South – Eastern Europe for factories in different fields of textile. Many of the big players of international fashion market produce their garments in Romania, as they are offered a specialized know-how, trained workers and low prices. We are proud of our country experience in textile and we want to cherish that heritage and protect it, so that what happened in Bangladesh, at Rana Plaza not to happen ever again. We want to make global brands understand that we need to look for the future and create a more responsible work environment for the workers.

We will create events, exhibitions and public campaigns with Romanian designers and textile manufacturers to promote better practices for a sustainable future for the fashion industry. We encourage all to wear their clothes inside out around the date of 24th of April and send us pictures with the sign “Who made my clothes”.


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