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Welcome to Fashion Revolution Day Portugal!

Have you ever wondered who makes your clothes? What their stories are and what kind of problems they may have? What about how those amazing faux leather pants got to that store in Rua Augusta, just in time for your birthday?

If your answer is no, we don’t blame you. If you answered positively, you may already have joined this common cause. Either way, having you here lets us know we share a common interest: the Fashion industry.

Often times fashion is not just glamour and sequins. The rapid consumption patterns our society is used to foster have been feeding an unsustainable chain. Our demand for more and more goods fuels unprecedented levels of production on a fragmented value chain. The process is not transparent in most cases, and we do not have access to the full picture. All in all, that limits our action to make a change.

You are a fundamental piece on this puzzling chain and you, as your peers, have a say and a way in all of it. As we do.

Fashion Revolution is here to raise awareness to those involved in the value chain of fashion production, because everyone’s action has a consequence and you can actually impact the stories of others. And ultimately, your own.

Our team has a global reach and all of us are interested in showing you more and sharing our insights with you so that together we can unveil the true cost of fashion, possibly preventing roofs from falling and factories from burning.

We believe in the creativity of those involved and how it will change the whole process and what the fashion business looks like today. Every single one of us is capable of taking action and turning tables towards a more sustainable fashion industry, always closer to people.

Portugal has joined the cause, so be sure to connect with us through the links below and share your thoughts. Book the 24 April on your social media calendars to share your clothing labels under our hashtag.

Happy to have you on board if you accept this challenge,

The Fashion Revolution Team in Portugal.
#fashrev #whomademyclothes

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