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The global fashion industry is most polluting industry following oil. It produces unnecessary waste, generates water and air pollution which contributes to climate change and underpays garment workers in order to keep costs down while maximising profits. We believe fashion can be done not at the expense of people and our planet. Therefore, we need a fashion revolution.

Sustainable fashion is gaining momentum throughout the globe and we do not want the Philippines to fall behind our neighbours. Our aim is to foster greater public understanding of fashion’s social and environmental costs, to promote ethical consumerism and responsible buying, to celebrate companies who are already on a journey in creating a sustainable future, to shed light on the Filipino makers, producers, farmers and artisans and to encourage Filipino brands, retailers, distributers and manufacturers to commit to transparency in their supply chains, human rights and environmental sustainability. We bring everyone together, from farmer to costumer, to make this happen.

We are always on the look for help and this is a great cause to volunteer your time, skills and expertise. We would be delighted to hear from likeminded individuals! Contact us at fashrevphilippines@gmail.com

A huge shout out to our wonderful volunteers:

Hazel Roldan – Student Ambassador for SoFA Design Institute

Isabel Morris – Student Ambassador for SLIMS Fashion School

Mika Olaguera – Student Ambassador for University of the Philippines

Carmella Salandanan and Elle Battung – Graphics designers


Country Co-ordinator

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