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In Nepal, there is a growing community of like-minded manufacturers, brands, and designers who share a true passion for ethical fashion and sustainable practices. These individuals and companies have been working together to promote better transparency and industry practice in Nepal’s fashion industry for the last 4 years. They believe that the fashion industry should be fair, ethical and transparent.

This year, on April 29 during Fashion Revolution Week, in remembrance of the Rana Plaza disaster in neighboring Bangladesh, a Fashion Revolution Fair and Catwalk Show has been organized to promote the many ethical producers and designers in Nepal. The event aims, through educational and social engagement, to promote substantial change in the industry. It hopes to motivate the attendees to consider the impact fashion has on the environment and people.

If you would like to join the Fashion Revolution movement or get involved with the event then join us on Fashion Revolution Nepal’s social media accounts. Don’t forget to ask your favorite brands #WhoMadeMyClothes

For further info or to contact us directly email Country Coordinator Sunaina Singh Shrestha directly on coordinator@hattihatti.org

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