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Welcome to Fashion Revolution Day Kenya.

We would like to introduce you to our textile industry through the journeys our garments make before we wear them. From cotton farming through to finished garment, our industry has declined dramatically to 15 textile mills actively functioning today. We would like to challenge Kenyan youth to think of their future and what is important to them. Do they want to rebuild our industry, or should we just be fashion consumers? Do we care about where our clothing comes from, or do we just want to look like the global musicians on our screens, is how our look is made important? We will do this through a series of spoken word performances by college students and celebrated poets. They will tell their garment’s story and stimulate a a debate between local tailors and second hand clothes sellers about local production versus global dumping & discarded fashion. Whether you are Kenyan, resident in Kenya or sourcing here, we would like you to understand our industry better, our manufacturers & producers, our fashion entrepreneurs and all the people, who make our clothes. We are passionate about using the textile industry to make a positive impact on the growth in our country.


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