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Fashion revolution Day on April 24th encourages fashionistas and consumers to ask Who made my clothes?

 Fashion Revolution is the organization putting a spotlight on the ethics of the retail industry. If you need a refresher of the incident, the Rana Plaza in 2013 in Dhaka, Bangladesh, resulted in the death of 1133 innocent workers. Fashion Revolution is an alliance of designers, retailers, writers, academics, business leaders, parliamentarians and celebrities pushing for integrity in the retail industry.

Fashion Revolution aims to use the power of the fashion industry and social media to reconnect the consumer with the producers of their clothes. It encourages people to learn about the origins of their clothes and to engage with the labels that they buy. The retailer and consumers both share responsibility because where market decides to spend money is the key to discouraging global malpractice.

Fashion Revolution Cyprus aim to make consumers aware of the manufacturing process, to promote slow fashion movement and inspire consumers to shop consciously and buy something unique. Each year on 24th April we hold Fashion Revolution Day as a light in to the dark corners of this fast fashion industry asking consumers to look a little deeper into Who made my clothes? .

Hopefully, this inspires you! If you are interested in Fashion Revolution Cyprus get in touch with us!

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