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Welcome to Fashion Revolution Canada!

This year we will focus on the fashions made close to home. Who are the people in your life that make, repair, pick, design, rework, style and salvage your clothing?

We are asking for picture and video content that highlights the fashion industry around YOU:

  • Your local tailor.
  • The pickers at your favourite vintage shop.
  • Your neighbour who knit you a scarf.
  • The owner of the eco baby clothing store around the corner.
  • Your grandmother the quilter.
  • Your niece who has committed to 1 year without buying anything new.
  • Your father who taught you how to repair the button on your jacket.
  • The designer you read about who makes a ZERO waste clothing line and you just ordered a garment.

These are the stories we want to hear, and which we will be sharing on our social media channels.

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