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Welcome to Fashion Revolution Australia.

We are constantly seeing more and more local fashion designers creating a new future of fashion. They are transparent, they are fair, and they are world class in their quality and design.

Fashion Revolution Australia wants to celebrate all those who are tackling the challenge of fairer supply chains. Local designers and producers, international brands, the retailers breaking the mould by bringing ethically produced fashion to the public and the educators and organisations working hard to make traceability an everyday reality in the fashion industry.

You will find us on our twitter, facebook and instagram accounts giving shout outs to the change-makers, updates on what’s happening around the world as well as encouragement to our networks to come together during Fashion Revolution Week (23-29 April) and all throughout the year in asking their favourite labels ‘Who Made My Clothes?’

Check the Events tab on our Facebook page for happenings across the country and the listings below and subscribe to our mailing list to keep updated on news and events.

We welcome you to get on board – whether you are a brand, a student, an educational organization, an NGO or from the media – check the information on this site for how you can get involved – we have TONNES of resources and guides online – or please feel free to email us at 

If you are organising an event, please upload your event here and email us at the email address above so we know it’s taking place and can assist with promotion.

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