Call-to-submission: Be part of our brand new podcast!

by Sarah Ditty 8 months ago
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Some exciting news to share… we are launching the official Fashion Revolution Podcast very soon!

You have the unique opportunity to be part of it the podcast too. We want to hear voices from all over the world asking “Who made my clothes?”

So what are we asking you to do?

Email us a voice recording of you saying “Who made my clothes?” to
Submissions due Monday July 24th 2017.

We recommend you record yourself on a smartphone, if you have access to one. You can say it in English or in your own native language if you like. See below for further instructions and tips for good sound quality.

What are we going to do with your “Who made my clothes?” voice recordings?

We will be making a sound collage of lots of different people from around the world asking “Who made my clothes?” in many languages and this will be used in the beginning of each podcast. You have the chance to be part of the official podcast theme tune!

What else?

In mid August, we will launch the official Fashion Revolution podcast channel with a 3-part series exploring some of the stories behind our clothing. More details coming soon!

You will be able to download and listen to the Fashion Revolution Podcast on ACAST, iTunes or wherever you usually listen to podcasts.


How to record yourself saying “Who made my clothes?”:

  • Most smartphone microphones are located on the back of the phone, near the bottom of the handset.
  • When you start recording, you’ll want to point the phone’s microphone in the direction of the person speaking.
  • If you’re holding the smartphone, make sure your hand isn’t covering the mic.
  • If you’re recording your own voice, it’s also a good idea to keep a reasonable distance between your mouth and the microphone to ensure you capture a clear audio recording.
  • Most smartphones come with a voice recording app pre-installed: on iPhone it’s called Voice Memos; on an Android you could try downloading Audio Recorder.
  • Hit the red record button when you want to start the recording, and then once again to stop it.


Tips on getting the best quality sound:

  • Find a nice, quiet room.
  • Check for wind. Even a mild breeze blowing can make the sound fuzzy or crackling. If you need to be outside, move somewhere out of the wind.
  • You don’t want to get a phone call while you’re trying to record, so switch on your phone’s airplane mode before you press record.


How to submit your “Who made my clothes?” voice recording:

  • Your voice recording should automatically be saved in your smartphone app.
  • Just click on it and choose the option to email it from your phone.
  • In the email subject line please write: WMMC voice note + your name
  • If you have recorded it in a language other than English, please let us know which language you are speaking.
  • Email the file to by Monday, July 24th 2017.
  • Need technical help? Ask a tech-savvy friend!


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