8 Sustainable Fashion Events to Attend in 2014

by Fashion Revolution USA 4 years ago
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1. ) Ethical Fashion & Sustainable Design Summit April 16-18, 2014 | Miami Beach, FL

This Summit is part of Sustainatopia, one of the largest events in the world for social, financial and environmental sustainability. Sponsored by fair trade clothing brandINDIGENOUS and media platform FASHION ONE, the Summit will facilitate a meeting for the entire eco-system of ethical fashion and sustainable design. Spanning the course of three days, 50 international speakers will be featured from various sectors of the industry.

2. ) Copenhagen Fashion Summit April 23-24, 2014 | Copenhagen, Denmark

The world’s largest event on sustainability and fashion, the Copenhagen Fashion Summit will be the platform for leading voices to discuss the fashion industry’s social and environmental responsibility, as well as solutions. The Crown Princess Mary of Denmark hosts and sponsors the event, with the attendance of some of the biggest names in the industry (Livia Firth and Jason Kibbey, to name a few).

3.) Fashion Revolution Day April 24, 2014 | Global

This international movement officially takes off on April 24th when consumers all over the world will be asked, “Who made your clothes?” With events taking place in London, New York, Boston, Israel, Mexico, Japan and more, the day will commemorate the first anniversary of the Rana Plaza factory collapse in Bangladesh. On April 24, wear your clothes#insideout.

4.) ECO Fashion Week April 27-29, 2014 | Vancouver, Canada

The brainchild of founder Myriam Laroche, ECO Fashion Week will take place in its 8th edition in Vancouver. Combining fashion shows with interactive contests, panels and parties, the week is a multi-faceted celebration of sustainably-minded designers and slow fashion as an art form. I attended the event as a speaker last year, and can tell you first-hand, it’s a top-notch event that stands beside any NYFW.

5.) Redress Raleigh May 30, 2014 | Raleigh, NC

Since its inception in 2008, the founders of Redress Raleigh have created a brand that has made a mark both locally and nationally. By connecting and championing eco-conscious designers and companies through event planning and marketing, Redress hosts multiple events throughout the year. Most notably, the Spring Eco-Fashion Show draws speakers, designers, makers and consumers in a conversation about fashion, sustainability and education.

6.) The GreenShows September 2014 | New York, NY

Making a much-anticipated relaunch in September with New York Fashion Week, The GreenShows caters to a community that values beautifully-designed modern apparel that is produced ethically and sustainably, crafted for lasting value, and generating minimal waste. Working with the local, national, and international luxury sustainable fashion community, TGS will host a three-day, world-class Sustainable Fashion Summit including runway shows, resources, symposia, and a short film festival.

7.) SXSW Eco October 6-8, 2014 | Austin, TX

Under the umbrella of the SXSW conference that takes place in March, SXSW Eco attracts a global community to explore, engage and co-create solutions for a sustainable world. Geared towards industry professionals, the three-day event covers many areas of sustainability, fashion included. Attendees are invited to launch startups, pursue marketing opportunities, and apply to showcase designs. With an overarching focus on entrepreneurship, the event is an engaging integration of tech and sustainability.

8.) EcoSessions Year-round | Global

Hosted and founded by Magnifeco’s Kate Black, EcoSessions are popping up around the world to bring together designers, industry and consumers. With discussions about change in behavior, fashion, choice, beauty, materials and living, you won’t want to miss the opportunity to attend a session in your city. All events are free and open to the public.

What events are you attending in sustainability and fashion? Leave a comment or tweet me and let me know what I missed.

Reprinted with permission from Shannon Whitehead.

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